Fingerless gloves for fun and fashion!

foxgloves pdx |ˈfäksˌgləv|

(1) fabulous fingerless gloves created in Portland, Oregon, nouveau fashion capitol, to add instant flair to any attire whenever the fancy takes you; (2) a tall leafy Eurasian biennial with spectacular clusters of tubular pink-purple flowers, commonly found in and around Portland, Oregon..

foxy |ˈfäksē|

adjective (foxier, foxiest)
informal sensually attractive; Dang, them gloves is foxy!

You can find the Foxgloves PDX cart full of wreaths, fingerless glove-lies & our new leather belt pouches at the following 2016 events:

Canterbury Renaissance Faire
Silverton, Oregon
July 23/24, 30/31

Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire
Bonney Lake, Washington
August August 6/7, 13/14, 20/21

Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire
Kings Valley, Oregon
September 10th/11th