Foxgloves Wreaths

Foxgloves PDX is now creating simple & elegant flower wreaths to adorn your lovely head, or your summer hat, or your bedpost, or your friend's bedpost, or wherever . . . & who doesn't love flowers, right?

Each garland is handmade & one-of-a-kind. We search out fabric flowers & greenery, match them up into color-coordinated bundles, & wire them together with soft florist's tape (& an occasional bit of glue-gun work, as necessary), add matching ribbons that dance in the wind or flutter on the dancefloor & . . . voila! You are instantly ready for the Spring fling, the Lady's tea, the Renaissance Faire, the Fairy Princess birthday, the wedding party, the perfect gift, or all of the above!

We're happy to custom design specific colors &/or flowers just for you, too. Contact us with all of your flowery desires & we'll get started asap.

Gloves & garlands: the perfect combination to make your individual fashion statement!

Our luverly wreaths are $15 - $30. Custom orders always welcome!